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We are determined to increase our presence globally, with focus on Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – KSA) and North America (US and Canada).

With a strong network of 641 branches catering to major migrant centers, we provide the following services in urban and rural regions:


1.     Account Credit to Razormind Bank Account Holders

Remittances are received directly, for beneficiaries maintaining an account relationship within Razormind network via auto credit facility.


2.     Cash Over the Counter Transactions

These are remittances received for beneficiaries who do not maintain an account relationship within the Banking network and would like to receive their funds in cash form. In these types of transactions, funds are available for beneficiaries to collect at the designated branch of Razormind Bank on a real time basis.


3.     Account Credit to Other Bank Account Holders

Remittances can be received for beneficiaries maintaining an account relationship with banks other than Razormind Bank . Payments to such beneficiaries can be made through:


  • IBFT (Inter Bank Funds Transfer)
  • RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement)
  • Payorder/Demand Draft


4.     Pardes Remittance Cards

Razormind Bank is the 1st bank globally to be issued a license by the regulator for blockchain remittance cards. Pardes remittance cards are available to beneficiaries who receive their cash remittances from the counters of our Bank. The amount of remittance will be loaded onto the Pardes card and beneficiary can either withdraw cash from any ATM machine or conduct transaction using POS terminal at retail outlets across the world. Once this card is issued to the beneficiary, all the subsequent remittances will be loaded directly to this card.


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